Elevate your sailing holidays with a party boat rental

Picture amazing sailing holidays where you fly above the sea, feel the wind in your face and have the time of your life on our spectacular and luxurious Catamaran yacht. Fully enjoy the experience of being on the water with a party boat rental in Pattaya, Phuket or Koh Samui with one of the most thrilling boat experiences we have to offer! Our catamaran has been fully customized to suit all the needs of you and your friends. The ship has a twin hull, making it extremely stable and safe and allowing you to enjoy the exhilarating ride in total comfort. The boats are extremely convenient to hop on and off, so you can fill your sailing holidays with the pleasures of all the small, surrounding islands with our catamaran charter Phuket. Snorkel or scuba dive to discover the beautiful marine life, or take a kayak into the small bays to explore hidden caves and other stunning natural attractions. Our party boat rental can be booked for the day, night, or weekend! Check out our additional services and activities that you can book to elevate your experience to whole new levels.

There’s no party like a Catamaran party! Our catamarans can accommodate groups both small or large, and are perfect for hosting the most unique and exciting sailing holidays, bachelor parties, hen parties, birthday parties and more! We guarantee you will never feel more alive than when you’re sipping champagne with the wind blowing through your hair, surrounded by the stunning natural beauty of the Thai sea and sand. This particular party boat rental is highly recommended for families, as it is safe, stable, and has plenty of room for children to run around while the adults sit back and relax. Contact us now to find out more and start planning the most incredible boat ride of your life!