Fishing boats

Take a Chao Phraya River cruise and enjoy fishing in your own private boat

One the most popular activities to enjoy while in Thailand is fishing. With Thai Boat Party we are happy to offer you the greatest fishing trip you can imagine, perfect for any occasion! Whether you’re planning family fishing holidays, a corporate team building event, or if you’re looking for a way to relax in between crazy nights of a bachelor party trip, we have everything you could need!

Not many people know that you can fish in Bangkok. Take a Chao Phraya River cruise to enjoy the sights of riverside Bangkok, and then make your way outside the city to enjoy some great spots for fishing. When you rent a private boat with us you can take your time. Relax and have a few drinks while you make your way along the river, and then gear up and see what you can catch! Our experienced guide will take you to the best and cleanest parts of the river for fishing so you won’t have to worry about the fish.

Thailand fishing trips can take place anywhere – whether you’re looking for something in Bangkok along the lines of a Chao Phraya River cruise, or if you’re looking to fish in the beautiful blue sea in Phuket, we have you covered! Our fishing trips are suitable for all ages and skill levels, so this is a great private boat option for any kind of event. We have two different fishing boats to cater to your specific needs. One of our boats is a more traditional fishing boat with a rustic feel – perfect if you’re looking for a more authentic experience! If you want a little more luxury in your life, we have a second, more extravagant boat for your fishing trip.