Raft Boat

An authentic Thai private boat cruise

Raft boats are one of the most authentic options we have for people looking to experience the more traditional side of Thailand! We have a variety of different style Thai boats for you to experience, including a river Kwai jungle raft, teak boat, and boat noodle. If you are looking for a truly authentic Thai experience, look no further – we are offering an unforgettable experience just for you. Our river boat cruise options are suitable for parties, romantic anniversary dinners, or even just a relaxing day filled with fun. In addition to our Thai river boat cruise and dinner cruise, we offer the ability for you to include a variety of additional activities on your itinerary for a perfect day spent relaxing surrounded by nature, including freshwater fishing, stargazing, and swimming.

Take a break from your private boat party to relax and enjoy the peaceful and beautiful setting of the river. Experience Thai culture first had on a private boat raft made from traditional materials. This is the perfect experience for those of you that want to be close to nature, as the slow-paced private boat will take you along the river banks where you can witness the amazing fertile nature firsthand. This is also the perfect experience for families with children, where you can learn about traditional Thai culture and experience what life is like in the quiet parts of Thailand outside Bangkok.

We offer services in Bangkok and Kanchanaburi, so you can have an authentic Thai experience no matter where in the country you may be. Float along the river Kwai in your private boat, taking in the world-famous natural beauty that surrounds the area close to the stunning Floathouse River Kwai resort. Contact us now to plan your traditional Thai boat crusie experience!