Airport transfer service to your boat party!

Airport Transfer

Our company proposes to anyone who wants to use airport transfer services. What is an airport transfer?


Well, it is exactly what you imagine, as soon as you get off your plane, you will be welcomed inside one of our vehicles (there is multiple choice for multiple occasion) and accompanied where you need to go.


It will help you to accommodate the party atmosphere of Bangkok and let you start your trip in the capital the best way possible.

Give us the call, and you will be provided with the best airport transfer in Bangkok.

Airport transfer

Start your boat party experience as soon as you land!

We know just how eager you are going to be to get your boat party experience started, so do not wait!


We can offer direct transportation to and from the airport and your private boat so that you can start partying as soon as you land and will not have to stop until you leave the country.


With the language barrier and the sheer number of tourists that visit the country on a regular basis, we understand how hectic and stressful it can be to organize transportation to or from the airport.


And it can get even more confusing when you are trying to get to a private boat.

Airport transfer

Luxury airport transfer

With our airport service, you and your group of family or friends can count on getting to your private boat quickly and safely. Say no to the stress and start your boat party experience the right way.


Bachelors, can you imagine a better welcome than being greeted by our gorgeous party girls and a bottle of champagne?


The last thing we want is for you to have to miss out on any exciting activities at the end of your trip because you are worried about getting to the airport, let us manage airport transportation for you so that you can fully enjoy the boat party experience and go straight from your private boat to the airport in time to catch your flight.

Airport transfer

Stretch limousine airport transfer

You can order a stretch limousine for your airport transfer. If you want to feel like a VIP in Bangkok or if it is for a special occasion (bachelor party, hen party, wedding, etc.), then starting your trip with a ride in a limousine would be a good choice.


We have drinks, space, and luxury services onboard, and whether you are accompanied or not (we can provide you with some anyway).


It does not matter, having a ride inside of a limousine is a unique occasion, so order one for your airport transfer, so that you can start your trip in the capital on a good note.

Airport transfer

Party bus airport transfer


You can also order a party bus for your airport transfers.


Indeed, as soon s you get off your plane, come and get immersed in our party culture by taking one of our party buses.


Inside, you will be welcomed by our hot girls, who know how to keep their client entertained.


You can also be accompanied by a group of guys (or just our usual and normal crew), if that is what you prefer, but just know that whether it is for a hen night or for a bachelor party, you will be entertained like you should in the great capital of Thailand; Just ask for the party bus!

Airport transfer

Best airport transfer option for your boat party


Our airport transfer is simple and secure, it should also be the best in Bangkok so make your reservation and leave the rest to us!


We have a variety of vehicles that you can select from, which meant that we can accommodate to groups of any size.


We are always happy to cater for any special requests or event, so if there are any additional customizations or services you are interested in being sure to let our team know so that we can personalize the experience to suit your needs.

Airport transfer

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