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Alcohol in Bangkok is a very widespread drink, whether it is in quantity or in quality. If you are wandering in Bangkok and you want to have a good glass of beer, whisky, or vodka (which are the most widespread alcohol in Thailand), you can go anywhere in Bangkok and you are sure to find it since it is everywhere.


Our company of course, also propose to our customer a drink or two of alcohol if they wish, and not only the usual drinks that you can find anywhere in the capital, we also propose a lot of various alcohol for any tourist that wishes to retrieve the savor of their own country.


If you want to drink in quantity and in quality, come to us and you will be provided with the best drinks in Bangkok.


Trust us to make sure your boat party never runs dry!

As you already know, we can provide you with the best alcohol in Bangkok, but what you may not know is that we provide you with more than enough supply for your boat party.


Indeed, when you are having a private party on your private yacht, the last thing you want is to be dry on drinks; so, allow us to handle the drinks at your bachelor party or any other type of boat party so that your event runs smoothly, and everyone’s glasses stay filed during the night.


You will get to enjoy as many different drinks as possible that you could imagine We are here to make your life easier and ensure that your boat party runs smoothly. with our team managing refreshments on your private yacht, you can rest assured that enough drink will be flowing all night.


Boat party with alcoholic drinks

We have some of the best prices on alcohol and drinks packages for you to choose from, so you can customize your boat party drinks menu to suit the size and scope of your event no matter what the occasion is (it can be a bachelor party, a wedding, or a corporate party, we can prepare for anything.


Whether you are looking for a small selection of casual drinks or a full-scale event bar, leave it to our team to make sure you have everything you need to keep every glass on your private yacht full all night long.


Also, no matter what your tastes are, we are sure to have what you need because in addition to alcoholic beverages we can provide a wide variety of mocktails, juices, and soft drinks for you to enjoy.


Beers, Whisky and Vodka!

Aside from the three most widespread drinks in Bangkok that we can propose, we offer a huge selection of liquor, gin, and wine for you to choose from, but we also have an amazing selection of cocktails to suit your tastes and for all your boat party guests! Do you have a special request?


Let us know! We are happy to help come up with the best drink menu for you – if you have a theme and want a drink list to match, someone from our team will work alongside you and offer a wonderful selection for the occasion.


Our professional staff can also handle service and all the necessary equipment on your private yacht and ensure that everything runs smoothly throughout the night.


Best boat party with alcohol

Now that everything has been said, do you want to spend some time with the boat of your dream with all the alcohol you need?


If yes, then do not hesitate and give us the call, you will be provided with the best party (whether it is on a boat or not) with the best alcohol you can find in the capital.


If you are not interested in our offer then you can see what other offers, we have for you, and since we do a lot of things, we are sure that you will find something for your situation


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