Bikini babes for your sexy boat party!

Bikini Babes

So, what exactly are our bikini babes?


They are pro models that are specialized in the entertainment business, they have a lot of experience despise for most, being quite young.


If you want to add some spice to your trip in Bangkok, contact us and you will be provided with beautiful and outgoing girls to accompany you during your boy (or girls) events.


Whether it is a bachelor party or just a regular boat trip we got you covered.

Amazing bikini babes

What are Our Sexy Bikini Babes?

Perfect for any bachelor party or boat birthday party, our sexy bikini babes will have you enjoying your party cruise on the water in style.


Surround yourself with stunning natural beauty, from crystal-clear waters to white sandy beaches and of course, our gorgeous girls!


Our girls are fun, charming, and are sure to keep you and everyone at your bachelor party entertained for hours.


We should also mention that if you choose their service, it is a minimum of 4 hours and it can go up to eight hours, all of them have a charismatic personality, so they can keep the party going by themselves

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Their services include but are not limited to:




  • Light touching


  • Going topless (optional)


  • Lap dance
Fun bikini babes

Bikini Babes On Board! Add Some Sexy Fun to Your Party Cruise

When you are on a boat, having bikini girls around you truly represents the boating lifestyle. Our girls are the perfect way to get the lads ready for a crazy bachelor party!


You will feel like a star of the party, surrounded by gorgeous bikini-clad women. Elevate the fun at your party cruise to new levels by adding some of our exciting services and activities such as dancing, banana boats, and watersports.



Not only are you sure to enjoy them, but our bikini babes will too. They can accompany you on any activities or excursions you would like, and they will add the perfect amount of cheeky fun to anything you decide to do.

Bikini babes for bachelorette party

Sexy Games with our Bikini Babes

You can order multiple types of shows from our models, they are up to almost everything. It includes various shows whether it is a strip dance or a lap dance. Sometimes, it can even include some lesbian action.


 It will elevate the fun of the party to a new level and bring a new breath to the party. Their services also include some light touching and going topless, it is not all the things they can do, it is only a small glimpse of all the options you have with our bikini babes. So, do not hesitate and contact us to enjoy multiple sexy games with our bikini babes.


It does not matter what are your tastes in girls, we are sure that our girls are going to please you, indeed we have multiple types of girls available for your boat trip or any type of boy adventure.


 If you like girls with a large chest, you can ask for one, do not let yourself be convinced that Asian girls cannot be buxom, because they can, and they also be present during your party, just ask and we will provide.

Fun with our bikini babes

Best Bikini Babes for Your Boat Party


So, are you excited yet?


If yes, then give us a call to have a fun boat party with our bikini babes.


It is very refreshing to have a lot of beautiful girls around you during a fun event, so come and try our offer.



If it is a regular boat party, no doubt that you would be having fun with the usual boat activities, but with multiple girls.



You can be assured that the fun will be multiplied by 2 and even more.

Party with our bikini babes

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