Celebrate your birthday party on a boat, anywhere in Thailand!

Adult Birthday Party

Thailand is a great country for tourists, it has everything you want and everything that you did not know you needed, and it is especially true with us.


Indeed, we can organize for you the best events for any type of occasion, whether it be a wedding party, weekend fun or bachelor party.


We will provide you with the best adult birthday party in Bangkok, as well as the best adult birthday party on your boat cruise.


Come give it a try you will have mad fun.

Birthday party on your boat

Why Celebrating Your Birthday on a Boat

If you are thinking of throwing your adult birthday party in style, there are lots of beautiful places around Thailand where you can have a nice birthday party.


No matter the location you choose to celebrate in Thailand, Thai Boat Party will provide you the most beautiful cruise boat for your ultimate adult birthday party.


Our professional event organizing team will assist you with the party planning as well as the execution of your event (if you desire).


Our Thai Boat party team is professional, experienced as well as can put together your party to your taste. So, sit back and enjoy the party let us make your special day a memorable one.

birthday party on your boat

Large Choice of Private Boats for Your Birthday Party


We also offer the biggest choice of boats in Bangkok for any type of occasion. If you want to feel like a pirate on the sea, we can provide you with a cruise boat that is authentic and comfortable.


We will also provide you with a super-yacht if you want to feel like a billionaire for a day.


Additionally, we have more traditional boats for those who may need a more traditional ambiance.


Those choices are merely a sample of our vast collection of boats, and we have other choices that we are sure you will appreciate.  We are confident that you will find what you need. So come and give it a try!

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Celebrate Your Birthday Party on a Boat anywhere in Thailand


You can also of course have your birthday party anywhere in Thailand. Indeed, Thailand is a country that is primarily filled with rivers and boats, it is only natural to spend your amazing day in a grand style.  



There are multiple ways of exploring the capital while you enjoy your birthday party, and it is also only natural that you are free to choose where you want to navigate and have an awesome boat party.



It could be on the Chao Praya River or at sea, either way, you will get to see the beautiful scenery of Bangkok and you will get all the benefits of navigating on a boat. The experience is breathtaking.  

Fun birthday party

Fun Animation for Your Boat Ault Birthday Party

Throwing a boat cruise party is an incredible, refreshing, and unique experience. Spend quality time with your friends as well as relaxing and enjoying massage service is just amazing.


 Exploring the picturesque surrounding and Thai Islands is just remarkable. Relatively, if you would like to add some adventure to your birthday party, we have a huge variety of activities that you will enjoy.


Explore marine life, scuba diving, snorkeling, as well as our exciting watersports such as wakeboarding or wakeskating activities! No matter what your needs, we will take care of everything for you.


Hence, you and your entourage will only have to focus on making memories that surely will last a lifetime.

Fun birthday party

Best Adult Birthday Party on a Boat


Come and try our adult birthday party on the boat of your choice. It will be one of the best experiences you will have in Bangkok.



So, do not hesitate to call us, spend your time in a place where nobody will bother you, and enjoy multiple fun activities!



No matter what your needs are, we got you covered.



Contact our Thai Boat Party today for an amazing adult boat party service.

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