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If you like adrenaline and energy-filled encounters at sea, there’s nothing more fun than holding on tight and puffing yourself up so you don’t fall off.


That’s why it’s the perfect formula for a single men’s meeting, and we’ll make sure you’re important for it. Our fun activities are the best in Thailand.


On the other hand, if you fall in, don’t worry all you have to do is wait for the speedboat to come back for you. You won’t have to struggle to drift, as you’ll be equipped with life jackets. Best fun activities ever.


The best deal if you’re a bunch of mates who like to get together, laugh, and siphon adrenaline, this is the only ranger party for you in Bangkok.

Fun activities


It is impossible to come to Bangkok on a business trip without enjoying its beaches and the Mediterranean Sea.


An original way to spend a warm summer evening is undoubtedly to embark on a catamaran for a party with friends and discover Thailand, admiring the coast from a unique point of view!


Come and enjoy our boat dancing party Every year, we propose to companies to participate in our famous Boat dancing Party/evening at sea, without any doubt one of our most popular cultural activities.


The boat raises the anchor to sail around the Thai coast and lets you enjoy the first beautiful days. Come and enjoy our boat dancing part

Fun activities


When you come to us with the intention of fishing, you will maybe think “I hope they have everything required to fish” and you will be right to ask you this question.


To give you an answer, let’s say that all you need will be provided by us whether it is a quality fishing rod, or some quality bait (you may have to bring your own hat for more authenticity but other than that, you are good).



So, do not worry about the small details, you need to fish? We will provide you with what you need for it!

Fun activities


While you are having your load of fun on one of our boats or on the beach in Bangkok, you are witnessing people riding on a jet ski, and then, you wonder what it would feel like to have a ride on one of those machines.



Well, you already guessed it, we can provide you with multiple jetskis alongside your boat ride (and even if you are not using one of our boats).


Come and slide on one of our popular rivers or directly at sea, it is an amazing experience to water glide in Bangkok with a Jetski!

Fun activities


Elevate your sailing holidays with the Thai Boat Party – after spending time out on the open water in a private boat, hop onto a kayak or canoe for a completely new experience.


This is a remarkable experience, particularly if you’re going to the islands. By private boat, there are only so many places you can visit.

However, in a kayak or canoe, you can discover the stunning natural beauty of some of the more hidden and harder-to-reach areas near Phuket or Koh Samui.


This is the perfect activity for anyone who loves being outdoors and enjoys nature. Come and enjoy kayaking with us.

Fun activities


Our boat fun activities enable you to enjoy and capture the beautiful nature under the sea. Explore the magical scenic views of the water as well as the colorful and amazing sea animals that will revive and refresh your soul.


We are here to provide you the best possible boat service that you could ever dream of. At Thai Boat Party, we are meant to serve, and we serve our customers right. So, explore the sea with our fun activities and live to tell the wonderful and exciting experience our Thai Boat party will provide you.


Join us today let us create a beautiful moment together by exploring the nature and wonders of the sea. On our boat cruise, you will be able to enjoy and explore many natural sea views.

Fun activities


The best addition to any sailing holiday in Thailand has to be scuba diving. Scuba diving in Thailand is a truly incredible experience, and divers from all over the world come to Thailand to experience the sea and fish here.


Take a private boat and enjoy the stunning natural beauty of the islands and the sea, and then gear up to explore the incredible marine life that lies below the surface.


We have experienced and professional English-speaking guides that can accompany you on your private boat and diving trip so that you can have the best experience and get to see as much of the biodiverse marine life as possible. Come to enjoy scuba diving in Thailand

Fun activities


No matter where you are in Thailand, there are always a variety of fun water activities for you to participate in.


No matter what your style or fitness level is, we guarantee there will be something for you to enjoy!


There’s no better way to fully enjoy your private yacht rental than by enjoying water sports in the crystal-clear open waters.


We offer water to surf, wakeskate, water ski board, wakeboard, and many more watersports for you to choose from. Come to try the best watersport in Thailand.

Fun activities

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