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With our luxury cruise, you will be able to explore the beautiful islands around Bangkok, Phuket, Pattaya, Krabi, Hau Hin, and many other places in Thailand. Our Boat Party in Thailand will provide you the best Yacht service When it comes to Yacht service in Thailand, we are well known for our charter services. We offer reasonable prices for our yachts. If you feel like you want to throw yourself a beautiful bachelor party on the sea, then we got you!


Our private luxury yachts are big and can accommodate many people. Although our huge yachts offer enough space to house wine cabins, a private cinema, a basketball court, to name a few, it also offers many fun activities that will keep you entertained during your boat party. For the very best in a yacht, rental contact our boat party in Thailand to provide you with state art yacht for your birthday party. 

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Enjoy beautiful sea views and, thousands of islands, countless white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, and magnificent coral reefs, the sugar loaves of Phang Nga, the legend of Phi Phi, Koh Chang National Park, and its 50 islands with our superyachts.


In a tropical climate like Thailand, a luxury superyacht is one of the magnificent ways to have fun with your friend. Welcome to the East Indies! With our luxury superyachts, you will be able to explore the beautiful islands around Bangkok, Phuket, Pattaya, Krabi, Hau Hin, and many other places.


Treat yourself to the best bachelor cruise party. Travel the sea on your own terms. That sounds like enough to make you happy. Check out our superyacht collections, say the WORD and we will make it happen!

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Help bring your best friend’s birthday party to reality by hiring our amazing pirate ships. Our pirate ship collection is huge, all you must do is choose the ship you want for your party, rest we will handle for you. Explore the beautiful nature around Thailand and find the perfect islands to make your friends or your birthday a memorable event. Feel the sunshine and take a trip to different places, bring your dreams to reality. This sounds like fun to me, I bet it does to you too! Enjoy your wonderful event with our boat party in Thailand.


We are here to provide you the best cruise and parting experience. Visit the Gulf of Thailand on a private boat filled with wonderful, energetic Thai women, blue water, impeccable two-piece models have unlimited booze with your friends. That sounds like just a thing to make you happy.

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Our barge cruise is one of the major ways to enjoy your tour in Thailand. Our cruise party will offer you the best spacious, reliable, and affordable barge. Our barge is a unique place to relax after your day full of fun. It is very spacious, well decorated, and has easy movement around. Contact our cruise service for any type of barge service. We rant our barge at a reasonable price. No matter the size or duration of stay we got you.


Although the purpose of a houseboat is just like any other house, It is to provide people with a place to live, sleep and store their food and belongings.  Living abroad is a much different experience. Our Thai boat party together with our most basic level, common barge provides our customers a modest living space even when compared to apartment size.



With the rivers nearby, take a field trip with a friend or family member to check out the amazing places. Perhaps you can find a nice place for a picnic, while you sit and watch for barges and other ships.


What types of ships do you see? What kinds of materials are they carrying? Can you tell just by looking? All our hire sand dredger has cooking facilities, so you can eat on board or go ashore to a convenient restaurant, pub, cafe, or bar and it is awesome to through a birthday party as well.


Our well-equipped hire boats are available on the most interesting waterways in Thailand. Also, it allows you to fish, do a BBQ, has a large dining space, good sound system, large space for dancing up to 300 passengers

sand dredger


Come and enjoy the sunset on board our boat for an unforgettable show on our Thai boat. We will take you to discover the beautiful Thai coasts. With our 800 hp, you will discover new sensations! Then we will take you in the direction of the open sea to explore the city from the boat and enjoy the relieving sunset before starting the evening.


Let’s go for a wild evening. You will enjoy the atmosphere, as well as the sound system just like in a nightclub. But even better! All this on our sailing ship! The captain becomes your sailing expert as well as your bartender and serves you free cocktails onboard. Afterward, dive into the lighted waters,  after dance like you never have!


Want to party with friends, family, for a bachelor party is a perfect activity for you! Get yourself loose and live an unforgettable evening on a sailing ship.



Do you want the best honeymoon ever in Thailand? Then look no further! At Thai boat party will provide you the best and coolest speed boat to take you and your just wedded wife on the sea with style.


Creating new memories is all we are about.  At the Thai boat party, we make your dream come through.


Tell us how you imagine your honeymoon to look like on the boat, the rest we will take care of it.


For the best boat party life in Thailand, you can count on our service. So, contact us today for the very best in speed boat rental. 



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