Boat services in Thailand

Full stop services for your boat party in Thailand


With our airport service, you and your group of family or friends can count on getting to your private boat quickly and safely. Say no to the stress and start your boat party experience the right way.


Bachelors, can you imagine a better welcome than being greeted by our gorgeous party girls and a bottle of champagne?


The last thing we want is for you to have to miss out on any exciting activities at the end of your trip because you are worried about getting to the airport, let us manage airport transportation for you so that you can fully enjoy the boat party experience and go straight from your private boat to the airport in time to catch your flight.



Alcohol in Bangkok is a widespread drink, whether it is in quantity or in quality. If you are wandering in Bangkok and you want to have a good glass of beer, whisky, or vodka (which are the most widespread alcohol in Thailand), you can go anywhere in Bangkok and you are sure to find it since it is everywhere.


Our company of course, also propose to our customer a drink or two of alcohol if they wish, and not only the usual drinks that you can find anywhere in the capital, we also propose a lot of various alcohol for any tourist that wishes to retrieve the savor of their own country.


If you want to drink in quantity and in quality, come to us and you will be provided with the best drinks in Bangkok.


Bikini Babes

So, what exactly are our bikini babes?


They are pro models that are specialized in the entertainment business, they have a lot of experience despise for most, being quite young.


If you want to add some spice to your trip in Bangkok, contact us and you will be provided with beautiful and outgoing girls to accompany you during your boy (or girls) events.


Whether it is a bachelor party or just a regular boat trip we got you covered.



They say pictures tell a thousand words but sometimes that is just not enough! If you are looking for something more, come back home with your epic after the movie.

No matter the size or scope of your event, we have VIP and exclusive cameramen to make a movie of your incredible party.


Our team will handle the entire production process, from filming to editing. The final video is guaranteed to exceed your expectations, with HD video and professional-quality editing.

Feel like a true VIP with a private cameraman dedicated to capturing your legendary night.

Make sure your night is truly one you will never forget by taking advantage of our movie party service.



We have lots of ideas for event animations for children’s birthday parties Pirate: who doesn’t remember the famous pirate Jack Sparrow?


His world invades your events with a pirate decoration. And who knows, maybe Johnny Depp will end up appearing at the party. Sailor: at the end of the evening, you will become a real sailor!


This Breton style is often represented by sailor suits, fishing nets, small buoys, and some ropes. Let’s board, sailor! Nemo’s world: guests will find themselves in a representation of the aquatic world and its seabed


You will find Nemo and his faithful companion Dory. Come to test our event animations



A DJ is one of the most essential elements to any great party no matter the crowd, having great music playing throughout the night is the best way to set the mood and make sure your party never stops. We can find the perfect disc jockey mixer to create exclusive remixes for you and tailor your music to fit the vibe of the night. Trust us to find the best private DJ to suit your musical taste you can choose your music.


The music listening experience is malleable; it can and should be enjoyed anywhere. Different settings offer different contexts that allow the listener to connect with the songs in a myriad of ways.

Live music is about taking the relationship between setting and sound to the next level, showcasing artistic creations in a way that ensures the greatest possible enjoyment for everyone present.


Food catering

We provide one of the best food catering services in Thailand.



As a full-service party planner, we will assist you in catering amazing food for your private yacht party.



 Be prepared for a full day or night of activities, from partying and drinking to watersports, kayaking, or banana boating to name a few.



We will make sure that everyone at your private yacht party stays fueled and energized to fully enjoy the experience.



Thai Boat Party is committed to providing our customers with the best boat massage service in Thailand. Our boat massage service is meant to make customers feel comfortable while on their Bachelorette party, Honeymoon, party bus, Yacht cruises.


Enjoy ours massage services from many corners of the treatment room while relaxing your body and soul on the sea. With our boat massage service, you will be having the best time of your life as we are dedicated to taking good care of our customers.


Our Experience staff is here to assist you to unwind and re-energize your soul. With our Thai Boat Massage, you are guaranteed of getting the right treatment to calm your body and brain. Thai Boat massage we have been in the massage business for quite some time and our experience is unmatched



Whether you are hosting a party or a corporate event, our team knows just how important it is to have a high-quality sound system if you want your party cruise to have an impact.


We are happy to offer high-quality audio and visual equipment for your yacht rental to meet all your needs whether it may be for meetings, presentations, or just music. No matter the size and scope of your event, we will be able to provide any equipment you require.


Great music can make or break your night, and we know that better than anyone. As part of our commitment to making sure your party cruise exceeds all your expectations, our professional speaker systems available on your yacht rental will guarantee the absolute best sound quality so that everyone at your event can lose themselves in the music.


Stretch Limo

From the airport, we offer a chauffeur-driven stretch limo service, ensuring a quality service for all your group transportation needs. We offer a professional airport transport service to and from the airports in Thailand. Enjoy the latest top-of-the-range vehicles in the Stretch Limo fleet and enjoy the serenity and relaxation of one of our chauffeur’s driven limousines.


We strive to offer you a top-notch service to bring the magic of luxury to your travels. VIP transport, airport transport, and for all the precious events of life such as weddings, birthdays, bachelor parties, evenings with friends and family, gastronomic a swell as tourist tours. We will drive you with prestige.

Our Stretch Limos are all equipped with an exceptional acoustic system and are particularly comfortable. Add a star of happiness to your event with us.


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