Cameraman services for your boat event!


They say pictures tell a thousand words but sometimes that is just not enough! If you are looking for something more, come back home with your epic after the movie.


No matter the size or scope of your event, we have VIP and exclusive cameramen to make a movie of your incredible party.


Our team will handle the entire production process, from filming to editing. The final video is guaranteed to exceed your expectations, with HD video and professional-quality editing.


Feel like a true VIP with a private cameraman dedicated to capturing your legendary night.

Make sure your night is truly one you will never forget by taking advantage of our movie party service.

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Keep Some Souvenirs from the Boat Party


We have a dedicated cameraman to tell your story through a video report of the boat party.


His role is to capture laughter and smiles, to transcribe the love with beautiful and original images, during a romantic video session or with spontaneity.


Indeed, during a magical day, we will record every moment, every emotion with discretion.


We have an evening cameraman team, offering sublime rushes, a tailor-made evening film, retouching, creation of stylish albums and drone shots for splendid memories

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Video Editing

Your cameraman will be discreet, but he will succeed in capturing your emotions and immortalizing the important moments to transcribe them on your film.



Alone or in a team, our professional cameraman blends into the background!



They wander, according to their desires and inspirations, among your guests and through your reception venue.



Afterward, dozens of hours of post-production are waiting for them to make, undo, modify or cut your film.



Your film tells your story. You can choose the music that will be played, you can indicate which moment of your event you would like to see more of, and you can choose every detail of your film.


We have the best cameraman on our team.

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Our Cameraman Equipment (Video Man; Drone; Photography)

Do you want to keep a souvenir of your party or get a film to communicate about your company afterward?



The event video must be made with care and focus on the interest you want to give it.



Like any cameraman, we aim to find the best equipment for the best budget.



That’s why you’ll see many cameramen arriving on a job with their equipment. Our team has a drone to take aerial shots.



Versatile, light, and easy to transport, it often has an optimal image quality, for prices that will make your dream.



We also have a camera as well as lights and microphones to capture all the moments of the evening.

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Best Cameraman Services for a Boat Party

Your party is the best day of your life, wouldn’t you like to be able to see this important day again in 1 to 10 years or 30 years?



The film of your party must be unique and perfectly made. It should capture the important moments of your big day. Our professional cameraman will take care of you to create the film you were dreaming of.



Your wedding film will allow you to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of your wedding whenever you wish.



This is thanks to the reportage that this film represents.



Finally, the cameraman will capture all the important moments from the preparation of the evening to the dancing, the cocktail party, and the meal will also not be forgotten.



The video made by your cameraman represents a real immersion that will allow you to feel the thrill of each moment again.



It is therefore a different approach and the memory generated will be different from that of taking a photograph.

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