Your corporate party on a boat, anywhere in Thailand!

Corporate party

If you are in Bangkok with your company and you want to have some fun with your colleague, come to us, and we will provide you with what you need, and by that we mean a corporate party inside one of our boats where you and your team will be able to have a lot of fun, but also create better bonds.


We really love to organize those corporate parties on a boat for our customers because they never knew that they needed this type of party until they try it.


Come and give it a try, we are sure that it is the best type of party for you.


Why your corporate party on a boat?

Why is it the best? Well during a corporate party on a boat you can let loose as much as you want, everything that happens on a boat will stay on the boat (still, do not be reckless please).


You can also be as loud as you can and nobody will hear you, you will never be bothered by other people complaining about the noise or other things since you are on a boat.


You will also get to enjoy the vast scenery of the sea and breath its air which is very refreshing, and since you are at sea do not hesitate to go take a dip in the water, you are in the middle of a giant pool after all!  


Reward staff, create bonds/connections, etc.

Corporate party

Company party on a pirate ship?

If you and your team feel like having an adventurer today, come and try our marvelous pirate ship, we have a selection of them available.



Have your corporate party inside of our pirate ship and feel like an authentic pirate crew having its night banquet after a day of hard work.



It is very fun, and the atmosphere feels quite authentic, so if you ever have dreamed of the king of pirates, give it a try!

Corporate party

Team building boat trip

If you do not feel like a pirate but still want to have an adventure, come, and try our team-building boat trip with us. Here the objective is simple.


You will go from point A to point B inside one of our boats, it can be accompanied or not and it is quite the experience for those who have rarely been on a boat before.


It will also allow you to explore Thailand and have a unique view of the capital from the boat.


As a company, it will be the perfect way to reward your staff, but also let them create bonds between colleagues (it also changes from the usual corporate party).

Corporate party

Your corporate event anywhere in Thailand


You can of course have your corporate party anywhere in Thailand, indeed, since Thailand is a country with a lot of rivers, it is only natural that there is a different way to explore the capital on a boat, and that is why it is only natural that you are free to choose where you want to have your boat party.


It can be on the Chao Praya River or directly at sea, either way, you will get a nice scenery of Bangkok or the sea and you will get all the benefits of navigating on a boat. It is up to you.

Corporate party

Best corporate party on a boat!



Convinced yet? Our service proposes the best corporate party on a boat in Thailand.


We offer to our customers a vast choice of the boat (from not expensive to very expensive) for any type of party.


You are free to do anything you want on the boat (but again, please do not be reckless) so get as much fun as you can because that is what you pay for, and you deserve it.

Corporate party

Thai Boat party: Your boat event planner in Thailand

Let us know your preferred location, your kind of event, your preferred type of boat and your budget: Let us take your boat event to the next level!
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