Celebrate your fun weekend with your friends on a boat, anywhere in Thailand!

Fun weekend boat

It is the weekend, and you want to have some fun in Bangkok?


Give us a call, and we will provide you with a fun weekend boat for you and your friends (or just you) do not worry about things like the organization or something like that since we can handle everything, just focus on having a fun weekend boat with delicious food and a lot of cool activities to enjoy.


It will be an unusual experience, but it will be one that you cannot forget. 

Fun weekend

Escape the concrete jungle (Bangkok)

As much as we  (and you) know that Bangkok is a fabulous capital, we also know that it can be difficult to circulate in such a city. 


Whether it is on the roads (with the constant traffic jams, the difficult roads, etc.) or even on the sidewalk (with the sellers who take all the place and the biker men who are trying to avoid the traffic et.)


However, that is why you may at some point want to avoid the crowded, and that is why we are here for you. Indeed, we can provide you with the best boat trip in Bangkok for a fun weekend boat between you and your friends.


We possess a large choice of boat for any kind of taste so do not worry and just give us a call

Fun weekend

Private boat for your celebration

Our Boats are not only meant to be used for boat trips (although you can), but they can also be used for any type of celebration like a birthday for a kid or an adult, a wedding party, and even a bachelor party.


Of course, you can just order a wish for a fun weekend boat alongside your friends, where you will be able to not only order some food on the boat, but you will also be able to enjoy multiple fun activities.


Indeed, we propose various fun activities like Thai massage on board, waterboarding, scuba diving, etc.  If you do not usually have this type of activity, this excursion will be the occasion to it all at once

Fun weekend

Fun weekend at sea

If you want perfect tranquility while you are having your fun weekend boat, where nobody will ever bother you about the noise or anything of this sort, we can, of course, take you for a boat ride on the sea.


There, it will be only you (and maybe us if you wish), so you can do everything you want. Everything that happens on a boat stays on the boat.


You will also be able to order bigger boats that would be hard to handle in a river to invite more people and have a maximum of fun

Fun weekend

Fun weekend at the river

You can also have your fun weekend boat riding along with one of the great rivers of Bangkok. Thailand was built around a water canal, and a lot of them have survived (and have been upgraded with time) until today.


It may not be as tranquil as at sea, but the experience will be completely worth it, depending on the boat you choose.


If for example, you choose to ride on a gondola, you will like in Venice, watching the beautiful streets of Bangkok (after all, Bangkok is named the Venice of the east).

Fun weekend

Best ship for your fun weekend boat among friends

We propose the best fun weekend boat, and you know it.


Indeed, everything from our numerous choices of the boat to the quality of activities we propose is top-notch, you will never have to worry about a thing with us because we have a lot of experience doing this and we know what our customers usually like.


Just tell us a little bit about what you want (and maybe about yourself) and you will be provided with what you never knew you needed to have the best fun on your weekend boat trip.

Fun weekend

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