Celebrate your kid birthday party on a boat, anywhere in Thailand!

Kid birthday party

A kid birthday party can be a defining moment in the life of children, that is why we propose to provide to your child the best kid birthday party in Bangkok. 


We can organize it anywhere if you want, but we would recommend you to come and try our kid birthday party on a boat, there is a lot of water-based activity available and it is a ton of fun, everything will be provided to your child so that he can have the best time possible.


We also have a wide range of boats available for any theme (we even have a private boat), so do not hesitate and give us the call for the most amazing kid birthday party

Kids birthday

Kid birthday party on a boat

Give your child the most amazing birthday present ever – their very own boat birthday party!


Hire one of our stunning private yachts and choose a theme for your party, we will take care of the rest.


We have a huge variety of child-friendly themes and activities in addition to party boat rentals, including a pool party at a private villa and learning about Thai culture through fun games – and we are also happy to cater to any specific special requests you may have.


You can rest assured that your children will be safe under the supervision of our professional staff.

Kids birthday

Kid birthday party on our pirate ship

We also offer a truly unique and unforgettable experience for children with a pirate-themed boat birthday party. This incredible adventure is one of our most popular services.


We plan a whole itinerary for your children that includes.


  • Battling enemy pirate ships using a mighty water cannon


  • Recapturing the treasure chest filled with pirate booty


  • Toasting to your good fortune with buccaneer brew


  • Haul up a lobster trap and try your luck on the crab race


  • Dance, sing, and play games to win fun prizes
Kids birthday

Kid birthday party animations


With our party boat rentals, you can customize your child’s boat birthday party in any way you can imagine.


In addition to our entertainment services like food and drink service and a private DJ, we can organize a variety of exciting water activities for everyone to enjoy.


Whether your kids would like to explore the marine life snorkeling, try their hands at fishing or wakeboarding, or even take an exhilarating ride on a banana boat – we can make it happen.

weeding party

Kid birthday party entertainer

If your kid has a special guest that they want to invite for their kid’s birthday party, we can make that happen!


Indeed, not only do we have a DJ that can play the most popular songs for kids, but we also have superheroes we can invite like an iron man for example.


We also have very fun clowns (if your kids are not afraid of them) who have a lot of fun tricks for kids and overall, we do this for a long time so even with our animator alone we can keep the party going for hours. Just give us the call, and everything will be handled for you.

Kids birthday

Best kid birthday party on boat

Now that you have seen (almost) all the things we can provide to your children, what are you waiting for?


We propose the best kid birthday party in Bangkok, and since it is on a boat it is a very special way to celebrate your kid’s birthday.


He or she will cherish this memory for a long time after the party and he will thank you for it.


We also want to give them the best party we can throw because we know how much it means to them.

Kids birthday

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