Massage service during your boat party

Massage on your boat

Thai Boat Party is committed to providing our customers with the best boat massage service in Thailand. Our boat massage service is meant to make customers feel comfortable while on their Bachelorette party, Honeymoon, party bus, Yacht cruises.


Enjoy ours massage services from many corners of the treatment room while relaxing your body and soul on the sea. With our boat massage service, you will be having the best time of your life as we are dedicated to take good care of our customers.


Our Experience staff are here to assist you to unwind and re-energize your soul. With our Thai Boat Massage, you are guaranteed of getting the right treatment to calm your body and brain. Thai Boat massage we have been in the massage business for quite some time and our experience is unmatched.

Massage on boat

Experience Thai massage


Furthermore, Thai massage service helps our customers break from the pressure of city living. Feel the quiet and peaceful treatment as well as enjoy the beautiful nature.


Select from an assortment of empowering medicines like the Fragrance-based treatment.


Experience the best Thai massage service items applied by our professional staff as well as the awesome back rub that helps calm your body and take away all your stress as well as physically helps boost your soul.


Our staff are friendly and welcoming. The layout is totally wonderful as well as observation of the Thai culture and legacy.

Massage service

Experience oil massage

Relatively, our Thai oil massage back rub gives you a unique massage experience. It proves you a conceivable everyday experience.


The Thai oil massage service enables our customers to feel something special. The good smell of the incent or the aroma mixed with sea fragrance creates a peaceful atmosphere.


Our Thai Oil massage application is simple and clear. At times sweet-smelling oils are used or you may get a selection of creams or moisturizers.


The sensation as your muscles is stroked and massaged is very pleasurable. It is exceptionally unwinding, and it would be extremely simple to drop your body to rest.


 We bring comfort to your soul. Whether you are in Thailand or planning a trip to Thailand, our Thai Boat Party will provide you the best Thai oil massage service.                                                                                                                                                                         

Massage service on boat

Professional masseuses


In addition to this, our Thai Boat Party massage staff are professional.


They have vast knowledge and well gifted on body massage.  They mix traditional massage with yoga, meditation to help your body relax.


They are well experienced and understand how to relief you from pain and other delicate tissues in the body to reduce pressure and further improve your wellbeing. They apply moisturizers and oils to massage your arms, elbows, back and feet.


They are certified masseuses from Watpo a Thai traditional and medical school in Bangkok which train and certify their therapists.


While at your service they will make you feel more relax and comfortable.


Boat massage service

Best massage service for your boat party


Lastly, we provide the best boat massage service in and around Bangkok. From Bachelorette party, Honeymoon, party bus, Yacht, water sports, to name few.


Whatever you desire let us know will provide with topnotch massage service.


With our vast experience in massage service, you can count on our Thai Boat Party for a unique and a quality service.


Also with our professional staff, they will help you recover from any strong body pain to improve your health.


No matter the location contacts us we will be at your service.


At Thai Boat massage, we do not only provide you with quality massage we concern about your health too.

Best boat massage service

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