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Party Bus Airport Transfer, Straight to Your Boat Party!

Party Bus for Transfer to your Boat Barty

Want to take your party from the sea to the land? No problem. Hop onto Bangkok’s only Party Bus for a wild night. We don’t only offer the most exclusive boat party in Thailand, but we also have a totally decked-out disco bus that can shuttle you between all the best bars and nightclubs in town. Normally nobody likes being stuck in traffic, but we can guarantee you’re going to love it in our party bus surrounded by our sexy party hostesses who will keep your drinks flowing all night.


As a premier party planner in Thailand, we can customize your party bus experience with a huge variety of additional services from alcoholic beverages to food service and even your own private DJ. The disco bus has a state-of-the-art sound system so you can get lost in the music and have the time of your life. You won’t have to worry about a thing – we’ll take care of you from your boat party to all the nightlife spots you want to visit. Our party planner team can even help you come up with the perfect itinerary for the night.

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This service includes but is not limited to:

  • Passenger Capacity maximum 30 people
  • Private VIP Area
  • Personal DJ (optional)
  • Sexy Bus Hostess (optional)
  • DJM 900 Pioneer 1 DVD set
  • LCD TV 42-inch plasma-screen
  • 1 LCD TV LED 21-inch screen
  • 6 LCD TV LED 10-inch screen
  • High-end speakers
  • LED lights and laser systems
  • VIP leather seats
  • Mini-bar and luxury accessories
  • Pole dance bars

Take your boat party in Thailand to new levels by adding the party bus to your event. Our party planner team will work with you to customize the event to meet your specifications. You won’t have to stop your party for anything – we’ll get you wherever you want to go.

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Never Stop the Party in the Party Bus

Whether your party lasts 1 day or 1 week, the bus is, on request, at your entire disposal.


If you wish to have the bus at your disposal, just let us know when you make your reservation.


All you must do is specify the stages and their destinations, as well as the time slots.



We will then adapt the bus model according to the number of participants and the amount of luggage to be carried.


We will plan the bus driver(s) needed to respect your program.

Best party bus

what is our party bus


We adapt the bus rental to the party.



You tell us the number of guests and we will advise you on the most suitable bus model:



One way or the bus is available for the evening or whenever you need it.



Depending on the agenda of the party, you may need a one-way trip to the party venue, or you may need the bus with the driver for the entire party program.

Best party bus

Party Bus The Best Option To Get To Your Boat Party


Do you want to continue partying on the road? Whether you want to party in a disco or on a nature tour, with friends or family, rent our party bus for the occasion!



For a party of 10, 50, or hundreds of guests, we will offer you all the solutions adapted to your projects.

All our minibusses and coaches can be hired with a professional driver.


You can concentrate on the program; we manage your travel to the boat party. Come to enjoy the best party bus in Thailand WITH U

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