Best Performers on your boat party

Fun shows during your boat party

At Thai Boat Party, we organize the best and fun shows for your boat Party whether it is a kid’s birthday or a bachelor’s party, we got you covered.


Our event planners are the best, they are creative as well as have many great ideas that will make your show a remarkable one.


Our Thai Boat Party show performers will surprise you with an amazing show displayed onboard our cruise. Tell us your dream event, how you want it, and let us bring your dreams to reality.


Our show planners and performers will display their magical wonder to take your boat party to the next level.

Best Performer

Performers for your kid’s birthday party

Our Thai Boat Party has the coolest performers for your kid’s birthday parties.  Our entertainers are extraordinary, fun, and exciting to be with.


They are good with kids, and they know how to make a kid’s birthday party a memorable one.

Our Thai Boat Party guarantees you an amazing kid’s party on board our cruise.


Our entertainers are extremely good with kids as well as knows how to make them laugh to have an exciting time.


 Our entertainers are creative as well as have some fun activities for your kid’s party from:  


  • Balloon twister Artist
  • Bubble Show
  • Clown Show
  • Magician Shows
  • Mentalist Show
  • Circus Show
  • Caricature Show
  • Puppet Show
  • Music and DJ
  • Musician and Live Band


All the above shows will keep your kids entertained. Our birthday performers and event planners are one of a kind. Trust us with your kid’s birthday event and the rest will be a wonderful story to tell.


Our Thai and international event organizer team has many fun and unique plans that will make your children’s birthday celebration memorable.

Performer for your kids

Sexy performers for your bachelor boat party

Do you want to enjoy your boat cruise?  Then you must enjoy yourself like a boss. Our Thai Boat Party will provide the most gorgeous ladies on the cruise boat. The girls are the perfect balance to make you enjoy your boat ride.


Our Thai Boat Party girls are friendly, have great personalities, as well as keep you relaxed and entertained. There are many fun activities on our cruise boat. Our sexy girls will take good care of you.


At Thai Boat Party we are master planners when it comes to a party and show planning. Don’t seat back and wait, join us to make some wonderful memory with us.

Best event Performer

Professional performers for your corporate gala dinner


Do you want the best performers for your gala dinner?


Our professional performers are the finest entertainers that will grace your gala dinner and keep you entertained to the fullest.


We would love to know, how you imagined your gala dinner to be, and the rest, just leave it to us, we will take care of it. Our performer will put up a wonderful performance.


At Thai Boat Party, anything we do, we do it with class.


Trust us with your gala dinner and we will provide you the greatest event you could have imagined. 

Performer on your boat

Best performers for your boat party

Our Thai Boat party can boast of the best entertainers.


We will also provide you with a sound system that will make you partying hard and make you want to continue the next day.


Our DJs will provide you the best hip hop and R&B beats, so you can enjoy the ride. At Thai Boat Party, we don’t just perform at your boat party we create memories.


Contact us today to hire amazing performers whether you are looking for a kid birthday party, a bachelor party, or a unique corporate event.

Creative performer acts

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Let us know your preferred location, your kind of event, your preferred type of boat and your budget: Let us take your boat event to the next level!
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