Keep souvenir of your boat event with our pro photographer service!

A professional photographer will ensure you never forget your party boat experience!

The memories you make onboard our yacht rental will last a lifetime – keep the memories with you forever by hiring a professional photographer for your event. Let us help you to capture moments like nobody else!


Our photography services extend beyond private professional photographers to include Photoshop & retouching, specialty nightlife photography, and even a photo booth service that is sure to delight people of all ages on your party boat!


Our photography staff is experienced, reliable, and professional so you won’t have to worry about a thing other than enjoying the company of the people around you.

Whether your yacht rental is for the bachelor party or corporate event, our party boat photographer will be there to capture the energy and all the most important moments of the night for you to look back on.


Photographer for your yacht party rental

With one of our professional photographers onboard your yacht rental, you won’t have to worry about getting your camera or phone wet. Enjoy the full party boat experience while our staff captures the moments for you.


Our photographers are professional and experienced, so you can trust them to capture the laughter and joy of your private party boat event.


In addition to photographs on the yacht rental, our photographers can accompany you along with any activities you book with us – whether you’re banana boating, wakeboarding or wakeskating, or even kayaking through the gorgeous crystal clear waters of Phuket, our photographers will capture the perfect Instagram-worthy photos for you to look back on and share with your friends. Ensure this is an experience that you will truly never forget by contacting our team.


Browse through our photographer’s portfolios to find the perfect professional to capture your event in the style you want.


Photographer for your boat party

We take pleasure in participating in all your special moments, capturing your smiles and your joy. Being a photographer is above all a passion, which you have to keep alive by always being on the lookout for freshness and novelty.


Discovering the details of your boat party, immortalizing them, getting exceptional shots taken on the spot during a unique moment of emotion, is our mission.


We always give our best to offer the bride and groom timeless memories, by making elegant films and albums.


Quick memories for your boat party

A Photographer is a chronicler dedicated to telling your story through a photo reportage. Our role is to capture laughter and smiles, to transcribe the love in the air with beautiful, original images, during a romantic photoshoot or with spontaneity.


Indeed, during a magical day, we will record every moment, every emotion with discretion We are here to help you preserve this precious day in images of you and the boat party.


We will be at your side to capture and embellish your emotions. We want to capture your naturalness, your moments of complicity and joy, and we won’t lose a single detail of you: until the end of the night, no detail will escape us, nothing will disappear.


You will relive all these moments through our countless pictures because we are committed to offering you quality and careful work. our cameras will be key witnesses of this day, these moments, it is your story that we want to tell.


Our cameras will be the key witnesses of this day, these moments, it is your story that we want to tell. We commit ourselves to make your photos and videos as faithful as possible to reality.


Best photographer for your boat party

We take beautiful photos of the guests at the cocktail party, take great portraits, and continue to film all those moments of joy shared.


The guests enter the room and the evening continues until the end of the party. Everyone is having fun, the party is in full swing, we continue our reportage until the end.


From one evening to the next, we must adapt to the changing light, sometimes to the capricious weather, but also and above all to you, to your desires, to your entourage.


We want you to feel at ease in our presence, to create that mutual feeling that will make you sensational in front of our lens. Thus, we will blend into the background to better highlight you.


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