Private security services for your boat event!

Private Security on a Boat Party

No matter what kind of party you are hosting, security is essential.



We know that a sense of safety and peace of mind is important for you to be able to fully enjoy your party or event, so we are proud to offer VIP protection.



Hire a private bodyguard from the premier security guard company in Thailand.



After all the time you have spent planning your party, we want to ensure that you can let loose and enjoy it without having to worry about safety.



Hire a Thai or foreign bodyguard to keep an eye out for any suspicious behavior and address the situation before it becomes a problem.



Be sure to benefit from our private security at a boat party.

Best private security on your boat

Different Types of Bodyguards and Services

We can offer you different types of bodyguard services:


  • Entry and exit control,


  • Risk analysis, diagnosis, and sizing,


  • Screening and palpation,


  • Reception, orientation, and information for visitors,


  • Flow management,


  • Spectator surveillance,


  • Overall protection of the


  • site, of personalities


  • Conflict management,


  • Securing equipment and infrastructure,


  • Confidential missions.
Best private security on your boat

Party in Total Safety

A bodyguard specialized in events can be called upon for various services that are closely or remotely related to the security of the sites where the events are organized.



The presence of a security guard at the event site can simply serve as a deterrent, but also as a means of intervention in case of emergency.



In some cases, he or she may be authorized to apprehend and restrain suspects or to evict them. Of course, carrying out surveillance rounds is also part of their security duties.



During all types of events, a security bodyguard maintains order and guarantees the safety of the site, as well as the installed properties, goods, and people gathered there.


To find competent and reliable professionals able to offer quality services, it is essential to contact a specialized company.



We mobilize teams of agents with solid experience in event security. We can ensure you that you’ll have a good private security service at your boat party.

Best private security on your boat

Party in Total Safety and Privacy

Whether you are organizing an international trade fair, a sporting event, or a congress on your site, your main priority is the safety of your event, people, and property, as well as the control of any risks that may arise as well as crowd movements, aggressiveness, conflict, etc.



These disruptive elements must be anticipated by a solid security system. Throughout the service, our security agents remain focused on a single objective, to make your event a real success.



To achieve this, all risks are identified and analyzed beforehand so that they can be perfectly controlled on the day.



Meanwhile, to offer you a service that meets your requirements, our teams use innovative technical means that are adapted to the specificities of your event.



Be sure to benefit from private security on a boat party.

Best private security on your boat

Best Bodyguard Service on a Boat Party

Faced with the security obligations to which event organizers must respond?



Our bodyguard team will assist you and take charge of your event’s security, from set-up to dismantling.



Any event or demonstration requires its organizers to consider the potential risks and to put in place an adequate system for the safety of the public and participants.



To secure your events or demonstrations, we will provide you with the best security solutions adapted to a boat party.



All our event security agents have impeccable interpersonal skills, they are specifically trained in the security of top-of-the-range corporate events or sensitive missions and are systematically managed by 1 supervisor for every 10 agents.



That is why we have the best bodyguard service for a boat party.

Best private security on your boat

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