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Experience an amazing speedboat service in Thailand. Our Thai boat party will assist you to navigate and captain your own speedboat for the entirety of your tour while following our trained and knowledgeable guides to experience the best of your holiday.


 Are you excited to drive your own speedboat as well as of having a skilled safety guide leading you on your journey through the water? Our Thai boat party is your ideal choice.


Are you a speed demon, or like going fast? Our Thai boat party will provide you the best possible speed boats in Thailand.


If you can not go fast on land, go fast on the sea. With our awesome boats and top-of-the-range speed, you can cover many distances in few minutes. Contact our Thai boat party for the best fast life on the sea.

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Speed Boat in Thailand

Thailand is a beautiful country, with friendly and down-to-heart people. Its sea is amazing to explore, with beautiful islands around as well as a beautiful culture which is awesome to experience.


 So, if you are looking forward to having great fun in this lovely country, whether by sea or land, our Thai boat party will assist you to have the time of your life.


Our Thai boat party boats are available any time you want. Please contact us to reserve your spot and get ready to have fun in the sun while enjoying all the amazing services we will provide you.


Reserve your Speed Boat now to enjoy the beautiful Thai sea. Our water sports activities are the best fun activities you will enjoy during your boat ride.


  • Fishing
  • Scuba diving
  • Kayaking
  • Water skiing
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Speed Boat Activities and Capacity

Our Speed boats are safe, and we can offer different kinds of boats for different activities no matter the size and location. Fishing. You and your buddy can be on your speed boat cruise while enjoying the fishing activities at the same time.  We will provide you all the necessary fishing materials you need as well as safety equipment to keep you safe at all times.


Our speed boats are equipped with the best sound system which makes you continue listing to your favorite song out there in the sea. Can you imagine you and your friends riding along on a speed boat singing that lovely and awesome music? Nothing feels better when you are having an amazing time with your friends.


Well, one of the best ways to make those unforgettable memories in Thailand is through our Thai boat party activities. So, what are you waiting for? Make a reservation now with our Thai party for our finest to raged speed boat services.


We have different size boats, the ones with very small space for activities, the ideal one for very small groups (typically Honeymoons), as well as small capacity up to 6 passengers we can provide.

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Ideal to Visit the Desert Island Quickly

Do you want to get to the desert in time or do you want to race with your friends?


Our boat services are the finest. We can take you to the desert in no time. If you want to ride the boat yourself, we got you.



Our trained and qualified staff are there to assist you to have and beautiful experience.


We offer nothing but the absolute best in boat service in Thailand. Join us let’s ride!

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The Best Option For Your Honeymoon

Do you want the best honeymoon ever in Thailand? Then look no further! At Thai boat party will provide you the best and coolest speed boat to take you and your just wedded wife on the sea with style.



 Creating new memories is all we are about.  At the Thai boat party, we make your dream come through.



Tell us how you imagine your honeymoon to look like on the boat, the rest we will take care of it.



For the best boat party life in Thailand, you can count on our service. So, contact us today for the very best in speed boat rental.  

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Let us know your preferred location, your kind of event, your preferred type of boat and your budget: Let us take your boat event to the next level!
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