Water sports during your boat party

Water sports

No matter where you are in Thailand, there are always a variety of fun water activities for you to participate in.


No matter what your style or fitness level is, we guarantee there will be something for you to enjoy! There’s no better way to fully enjoy your private yacht rental than by enjoying water sports in the crystal-clear open waters.


We offer water to surf, wakeskate, water ski board, wakeboard, and many more watersports for you to choose from. Come to try the best watersport in Thailand.

Water Sports


No matter what your skill level is we are happy to welcome you and your group – we can set up beginner lessons for you, if necessary, otherwise, you are free to book and enjoy these exhilarating activities as you choose. Come to enjoy the best watersport in Thailand.


Wakeboarding has become an extremely popular sport in Thailand, and there are plenty of places to enjoy this both in and outside of Bangkok. For a truly spectacular experience, try wakeboarding along with a party cruise in Koh Phangnan.


If you want to book a private yacht rental in Phuket, this is also a fantastic location to participate in many watersports, including waterskiing and kite surfing. Most of our watersport activities are suitable for children, making them a great option for families that want to add more excitement and adventure to a private yacht rental experience. Come to try the best watersport in Thailand.

Water Sports


Kneeboarding is a water sport which, like water skiing or wakeboarding, consists in being pulled by a cable or a boat to slide on the water and to realize the most incredible figures possible (or just try not to fall, it depends on the level…).


The difference is that kneeboarding is practiced in a kneeling position and not standing on the board. Kneeling, the center of gravity is lower, so you have the impression to go very fast on the water and at the same speed the sensations are more exhilarating.


On a kneeboard, you are also much more stable: your knees are attached by straps (or not) to a board covered with foam for perfect comfort, you just have to let yourself be carried away by the cable by projecting a spray of splashes behind you. Kneeboarding can also be practiced by two people on the same board: laughter and adrenaline guaranteed! Come to enjoy the best watersport in Thailand.


Kneeboarding is also an essential step in the learning process of wakeboarding: because it is so easy, it allows you to get in touch with the glide and the balance, and it allows you to quickly get good sensations that make you want to go further! Come to try the best watersport in Thailand.

Water Sports


Kitesurfing is a sport that is practiced on the water, on windy days. The concept is simple: with a board on your feet and a kind of large kite that you pilot with a bar, you are pulled on the water. Come to enjoy the best watersport in Thailand.


Kitesurfing is classified as an extreme sport because there are risks involved. Before getting into the water, it is really advised to follow courses with a professional, who will teach you the safety rules and the bases to launch you alone in the big wind!


Come to enjoy the best watersport in Thailand.

Water Sports

Best water sports in Thailand

Watersports are a fantastic option for corporate team-building events, there is nothing like learning something new together to bring company employees closer.


Not only this, but we’re sure that everyone in attendance will have an amazing time and create memories that will last forever. This is also a fantastic option for friend groups – enjoy quality time with the lads before or after a bachelor party cruise.


To add some cheeky fun, why not invite some of our bikini babes to join you? Come to try the best water sport in Thailand.

Water Sports

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