Your Yacht Charter party Anywhere in Thailand!


 A yacht is a pleasure vessel that can be either sailing or motorized. Our Thai boat party can provide you with any size Cruiser you want for your party.


You can hire our luxurious cruiser for your private use. Our cruisers are large enough to hold many cabins as the cabins are well finished, decorated with the best lighting system.


In terms of luxury yacht rental, we are one of the best. Our Boat Party yacht service is lit because when Thai Boat Party does something we do it big!

luxury yacht charter

What is a Yacht?

At Thai Boat Party we provide the best boat service. When it comes to boat service in Thailand, we are well known for our yacht charter services.



We offer reasonable prices for our yachts. If you feel like you want to throw yourself a beautiful party on the sea, then we got you!



Our private luxury vessels are big and can accommodate a large number of people. 



Although our huge Vessel offers enough space to house wine cabins, a private cinema, a basketball court, to name a few, it also offers many fun activities that will keep you entertained during your boat party. 



For the very best in Cruise, rental contact our Thai boat party service to provide you with state art vessels for your birthday party.  

luxury yacht charter

Yacht charter anywhere in Thailand

Enjoy more than 1600 kilometers of coastline bordering the Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Thailand, thousands of islands, countless white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, and magnificent coral reefs, the karst sugar loaves of Phang Nga, the legend of Phi Phi, Koh Chang National Park and its 50 islands with our chartered vessels.


In a tropical climate such as Thailand, a luxury boat is one of the most awesome ways to enjoy yourself. Welcome to the East Indies!


With our luxury Cruise, you will be able to explore the beautiful islands around Bangkok, Phuket, Pattaya, Krabi, Hau Hin, and many other places.


Our Thai Boat Party will provide you with the best vessel to explore Thai culture and the friendliness of the Thai people, their magnificent cuisine, then you will understand why so many sailors have never left!

Best place in Pattaya

Yacht facilities

Deal with us to enjoy a large choice of Yacht with plenty of facilities onboard!



Enjoy our boat cruise facilities such as;


  • A beach clubs
  • Spa
  • Gymnasium
  • Massages
  • Salon services
  • A swimming pool
  • Basketball


 You can also enjoy our fun activities like a Banana boat, fishing, BBQ as well as our amazing Sound system to keep you parting with your mates!

luxury yacht charter

Private yacht for your group

Ever wanted to get away from crowded and noisy places? With our private cruise, you or a group of people will be able to enjoy a sea ride around Thailand. 



Our boat service is the perfect getaway to the ocean to enjoy the beautiful sunny, blue water as well as enjoy the natural landscape of the sea.



Charter a vessel, with a complete crew, for a new kind of personalized sailing experience. Exploring places around Thailand on a luxurious private cruiser with your friends and families is comforting as well as brings joy, and relief.



Travel around like a Boss. Let the ocean becomes your playground and your captain will guide you to amazing islands and beaches away from the crowds.



Onboard, you can spend time together with your friends in a cozy, confined environment, and no one will disturb your peace. 

luxury yacht charter

Yacht party in Thailand

Treat yourself to the best private yacht party in Thailand. Cruise on a private cruiser around Thailand in places such as Pattaya, Phuket, Krabi, Hau Hin, and many more.



Explore the Gulf of Thailand on a private cruiser filled with beautiful Thai girls.



Enjoy the Bluewater, gorgeous bikini models, drinks, and music flowing onboard-have the best exciting fun with your friends.



This sounds good enough to get you fired up. Check out what we got planned for you!



What are you waiting for? Contact our Thai boat party for a reliable, affordable boat service for your private party anywhere in Thailand.

luxury yacht charter

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