Dance the night away on your own private party boat!

There is no better way to enjoy a yacht rental than by having the time of your life and dancing the day or night away. Many of our larger vessels are very spacious, leaving you plenty of room to dance and party like nobody’s watching! Take advantage of the incredible sound system available on your party boat – when you’re out on the water you won’t have to worry about disturbing the neighbors, so turn the volume up and let loose! For a large-scale event, our event team can set up a designated dance floor on your yacht rental so that you can make sure all of your guests are safe in a secured area. To make this experience even better, consider hiring a private DJ and upgrading the sound system to transform your party boat into a club on the water. Your personal DJ will cater the music to suit your tastes and be sure to keep everyone moving until the sun comes up! Our DJ service will connect you with the perfect professional for your event and will work to create the best playlist for your event.

This is a great activity option for bachelor parties – and you can make the experience even better with our strippers, party hostesses or sexy bikini babes! And if you really want to experience Thailand, you won’t be limited to the space within your yacht rental. Book a party bus so you and your entourage can go from the sea to the land. Our party hostesses will take you to all the best clubs in Thailand! Our team of young insiders has carefully selected the best clubs in the country with DJs playing the best music in town. No matter what kind of music you like, we have a dancefloor for you!