Let us take care of your event animation to take your boat party to the next level!

Boat with fun event animations

We offer you a wide choice of boats for all types of events. On a cruise or at the quay, take advantage of these different spaces, each one as unusual and unusual as the other.


We refer to many boats in the heart of Thailand; all have been previously selected for you according to precise criteria.


More than a passion, the event is for us a leitmotiv, that’s why we do not only propose your boats but a whole organization and a follow-up of the project: from the brief to the production of your event!


Come to enjoy the best event animation on board

Event animation

Customized event animations on demand

Find our event animations for your customized event: from the search of the ideal space to the organization of it.


We have selected for you various services according to different categories: Photos, Music, Cocktails, and of course Cruises.


Boost your events: we will find the perfect service according to your specifications among all our quality providers. We provide amazing event animations.


For example, let yourself be immersed in a world of Hawaii and its paradisiacal world animated around the Tiare flower and the wahines.


During the time of an evening, your guests will have the chance to escape on the edges of the beach with sand, deckchairs, surfboards, palm trees, towels… Do not look any further, your vacations are next to you! Come to benefit from the best event animations on a boat 

Event animation

Team building activities animations

Team building event animations have a proven track record of increasing engagement and productivity. The best team-building events are set up with very specific objectives that vary depending on the weaknesses of the team the event is meant to improve. We’ve written in the past about the value of taking your team building activity on a bay cruise, and the next natural question is “what team building activities work best on your yachts? Our answer, lots!


Team building consists, quite simply, of creating or strengthening links between the employees of a company. It is often informal moments based on teamwork and collaboration in a setting outside the company. We have the best event animations on board It is a way for employees to discover each other in a different light; to bring them to know each other Team-building activities, when well organized, have an impact on the quality of life at work and the performance of the company.

Event animation

Kid birthday animations

We have lots of ideas for event animations for children’s birthday parties Pirate: who doesn’t remember the famous pirate Jack Sparrow?


His world invades your events with a pirate decoration. And who knows, maybe Johnny Depp will end up appearing at the party. Sailor: at the end of the evening, you will become a real sailor!


This Breton style is often represented by sailor suits, fishing nets, small buoys, and some ropes. Let’s board, sailor! Nemo’s world: guests will find themselves in a representation of the aquatic world and its seabed.


You will find Nemo and his faithful companion Dory. Come to test our event animations

Event animation

Best event animation for your boat party

You thought you knew everything about trendy animations to do on a boat?


Every day is a new challenge in the event industry! Boats are also on the lookout for innovation and want more animations for their events.


As in fashion, there are trends. Some animations are based on a theme, others on the caterer, and finally some consist in venturing into a field; Come to enjoy the best event animations on board

Event animation

Thai Boat party: Your boat event planner in Thailand

Let us know your preferred location, your kind of event, your preferred type of boat and your budget: Let us take your boat event to the next level!
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