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Your Super Yacht party Anywhere in Thailand!


A superyacht is a large luxurious pleasure boat. The cruise industry welcomes many people yearly and continues to grow as more and more people are seeking to see all corners of the globe while traveling in luxurious surroundings.


At Thai boat Party, we offer different kinds of vessels or sailing yachts ranging in length from 40 meters (130 ft) to over 180 meters (590 ft), and sometimes including cruisers as small as 24 meters (79 ft).


Our Super yachts are available for charter any time anywhere you want.  With our professional staff, you are assured of nothing but the absolute best in yacht service.    

Our superyacht will make you feel comfortable. It runs on top peed,  as well as has a capacity.


Our large larger models can have more than one pool and can carry a variety of water equipment, other boats, and sometimes a helicopter too.

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What is a Superyacht?

Our superyachts are characterized by certain details that fascinate many people. We know you have a taste for good things.



Our superyacht are the finest cruiser you will see in Thailand, So why wait? 



Our Thai boat party will provide you with a luxurious superyacht cruiser that is operated by professional crews that offer and excellent services.



At Thai boat party, we will provide you with a quality superyacht for any type of boat party you can imagine. 

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Superyacht Charters Throughout Thailand

Enjoy beautiful sea views and, thousands of islands, countless white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, and magnificent coral reefs, the karst sugar loaves of Phang Nga, the legend of Phi Phi, Koh Chang National Park, and its 50 islands with our super yachts.


In a tropical climate like Thailand, a luxury Cruiser is one of the magnificent ways to have fun with your friend. Welcome to the East Indies!


With our luxury Cruise, you will be able to explore the beautiful islands around Bangkok, Phuket, Pattaya, Krabi, Hau Hin, and many other places.




Our Thai Boat Party will provide you with the best vessel to explore Thai culture and the friendliness of the Thai people, their magnificent cuisine, then you will understand why so many sailors have never left!


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Bachelor Party on a Superyacht

Treat yourself to the best bachelor boat party. Travel the sea on your own terms. That sounds like enough to make you happy. Check out boat collections, say the WORD and we will make it happen!



Surprise your friends with an awesome boat party as well as facilitate a remarkable reunion of bachelor life.



Explore Thailand and discover quiet scenery islands to enjoy with your friends. Soak up the daylight while relaxing on a beautiful superyacht.



At Thai Boat Party our yacht services are efficient, reasonable, as well as offer you the best supermodels to grace your bachelor boat party.



Contact our Thai Boat party now for the absolute best for your private superyacht rental service.


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Private Superyacht for Your Group

For a family or group of people looking for an extraordinary way to experience sea adventure while having mad fun, our private superyachts model are your ideal choice.



Exploring Thailand on your very own private superyacht along with your family and friends is super cool.



However, if you are thinking of throwing your adult birthday party in style, there are lots of beautiful places around Thailand where you can have a nice birthday party, with our superyacht we are to take you there.




No matter the island you choose to celebrate in Thailand, Thai Boat Party will provide you the most beautiful cruiser for your ultimate bachelor birthday party.


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Party on Your Superyacht in Thailand

At Thai boat party, we offer the biggest choice of a superyacht in Thailand for any type of occasion.



If you want to feel like throw the biggest boat party on the sea, we can provide you with a luxurious superyacht that is authentic and comfortable.



Additionally, we can also provide you with other beautiful yachts. We have many more traditional boats for those who may need a more traditional ambiance.



Choose from our vast collection of superyachts now! We have other choices that we are sure you will appreciate.  We are confident that you will find what you need. So come and give it a try!

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Thai Boat party: Your boat event planner in Thailand

Let us know your preferred location, your kind of event, your preferred type of boat and your budget: Let us take your boat event to the next level!
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