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Some boats are used mainly for work, fun, and relaxation. Have you ever seen those long, flatboats that carry large loads slowly down the river? Those are called barges, and they perform an important function in moving many types of goods from one place to another.


This beautiful type of vessel is unique and fun to travel on. However, the most important aspect of the barge is that it is not an independent boat, it relies on other boats to pull.


Nowadays, some barges have engines that propel them up and down rivers. Barges are mostly used in small waterways such as rivers, lakes, or canals. Barges are now widely used in the sea for many fun activities.


So if you are a fun person looking for different ways to enjoy yourself, our barge boats are here to give you the perfect fun you imagine.

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Houseboat Rentals Throughout Thailand

Our houseboat is one of the major ways to enjoy your tour in Thailand. At that boat, Party will offer you the best spacious, reliable, and affordable houseboats.


Our houseboat is a unique place to relax after your day full of fun. It is very spacious, well decorated, and has easy movement around. 


Contact our Thai boat party for any type of houseboat. We rant our houseboat at a reasonable price. No matter the size or duration of stay we got you.


Although the purpose of a houseboat is just like any other house, It is to provide people with a place to live, sleep and store their food and belongings.


Living abroad is a much different experience. Our Thai boat party together with our most basic level, common houseboats provide our customers a modest living space even when compared to apartment size.

Best barge boats

Welcome to the East Indies!

Do you want to enjoy your break or holidays in Thailand? Then look no further!  Our Thai boat party will take you around the largest islands where you will discover luxurious boat services, rich spas, and many fun activities.


Additionally, with our boat service, you will get to enjoy the amazing scenery of the blue seawater. 

Our Thai boat party offers catering services where you will enjoy our great food, as well as get to experience the ultimate Thai culture there, and then you will understand why the many explorers never left!


We are ready to welcome and take you around Thailand with our Amazing barge boats or any kind of boat you desire. Hire our awesome boat today for your boat party and expect nothing but the very best in our boat services.

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Facilities and barge capacity

With the rivers nearby, take a field trip with a friend or family member to check out the amazing places. Perhaps you can find a nice place for a picnic, while you sit and watch for barges and other ships.


What types of ships do you see? What kinds of materials are they carrying? Can you tell just by looking? All our hire Berge have cooking facilities, so you can eat on board or go ashore to a convenient restaurant, pub, cafe or bar.


It has a large cabin compartment that can store many things. Why not ride with us to explore the beautiful sea.

Our well-equipped hire boats are available on the most interesting waterways in Thailand. 

Best barge boats

Company party on a barge

Are you looking for an exceptional location for your next boat retreat? Want to reward your representatives for a job well done? With our barge boats, you will be to throw them a well-deserved party.


Our Thai boat party can assist you to plan the perfect occasion as well as handle all your transportation. Your associates and clients will be intrigued when you travel on our pirate ship.


Whether it is a small business meeting or a professional event, our highly trained staff will arrange it all for you.

Your assigned host will assist you with menu preparation and general media needs to ensure a great corporate meeting onboard our ship as well as you can choose the dress code for the hostess.  Reach us at Thai boat party for the very best in corporate parting.

Party on a Barge in Thailand

Treat yourself to the best pirate boat party in Thailand. Travel to other cities like Pattaya, Phuket, Krabi, and many more on your very own private boat.


Visit nice places in Thailand on your very own private boat filled with wonderful, energetic Thai women, blue water, impeccable two-piece models have unlimited booze with your friends.  That sounds like just a thing to make you happy.


See what we have personally organized for you; Loop from Pattaya or Bangkok, a different collection of boats for your ideal party, two-piece models, DJ, photography, birthdays, weddings, and many other events.  


We organize the best pirate ship birthday party.

Thai Boat party: Your boat event planner in Thailand

Let us know your preferred location, your kind of event, your preferred type of boat and your budget: Let us take your boat event to the next level!
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