Jetski during your boat party


While you are having your load of fun on one of our boats or on the beach in Bangkok, you are witnessing people riding on a jetski, and then, you wonder what it would feel like to have a ride on one of those machines.


Well, you already guessed it, we can provide you with multiple jetskis alongside your boat ride (and even if you are not using one of our boats).


Come and slide on one of our popular rivers or directly at sea, it is an amazing experience to water glide in Bangkok with a Jetski!

jetski for your boat party

What is a Jetski?

The jet ski was first a brand name that designated (and still designate) the personal watercraft made by Kawasaki’s, a Japanese brand.


The truth is that the water scooter was invented in the ’50s (while Kawasaki’s jet ski came in 1972) in Europe and the United Kingdom and with time, the word from Kawasaki was used to call in general, any type of personal watercraft.


The jet ski has about the same configuration as a bicycle, since it can carry around 1 to 3 people, there is also a different type of model that we call to stand up jet ski (where you must stand) or seated jet ski (where you can just sit on it).

jetski for your boat party

Jetski on the sea

If you want a feeling of freedom while you are having a fun ride on a jetski where nobody will get in your way, we can, of course, provide one of our jetski for a ride on the sea.


There, it will be only you and yourself (and maybe us if you wish), so you can do and do everything you want. Everything that happens at sea stay at sea.


You will also be able to do a lot more than if you were riding on a river. It will be fun, so come give it a try.


Jetski on the river

Even if Bangkok is called the Venice of the east, it does not mean that its rivers are only reserved for gondolas, of course, if you want, you can have a fun ride in one of the great rivers of Bangkok.


Thailand was built around a water canal, and a lot of them have survived (and have been upgraded with time) until today.


It may not be as tranquil as at sea, but the experience will be completely worth it, depending on the boat you choose, you can glide in the Chao Praya River for example, and you will never forget the scenery.


Jetski provided with super yachts

If you need a boat for any reason and this boat is a superyacht then first, a good choice because those are the representation of luxury and fun holidays at sea, and second, we want to let you know that we can provide you with what you want (and not just a superyacht, but also any kind of boat you want.


Additionally, this yacht that you ordered will come with multiple jetskis, which will bring more fun to the party (lucky you).

jetski for your boat party

Beware of jetski scams in Thailand

If you are not aware of it then we should let you know: Do not order a jetski from just anyone in Thailand because some of them are a scam.


Indeed, when you order a jet ski from a scammer, he will give you an already damaged jet ski and after you ride, he will tell you that you are the one who caused some of them and will ask you for a lot (a lot) of money.


If they call the police, they will not help you because, in their eyes, the local is always right so do not be fooled, order a jet ski from a trusty seller, or just come to us!

jetski for your boat party

Reliable jetski service in Thailand

Yes indeed, our jet ski service is very reliable (the best in Bangkok? Maybe) so do not worry about getting scammed with us, it will not happen.


Instead, we will provide you with what you wanted: a fun ride on one of our jet skis in one of the beautiful water streams of Bangkok or its sea.


Of course, if needed you can ask for some security, and you will be provided with a floating vest in case you have a hard time in the water.

jetski for your boat party

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