Stretch Limo airport transfer directly to your boat party!

What is a Stretch Limo?



A stretch limo is a large, expensive car that has been specially made longer to provide extra space or seats, often used by rich, famous people.



A stretch limo is simply a sedan, town car, or other vehicles that are cut in half, extended, and welded back together.



So, a sedan is a limousine that if it gets stretched, becomes a stretch limousine.

Stretch limo

Stretch Limo for Your Boat Party

Do you have a plan throw to a boat party and to immortalize the event with an unusual means of transport?  



Do you want to mark the occasion by renting a limousine?

No doubt, you’ve got a good idea and you’re in the right place.



You can now book one of our limousines to celebrate your birthday in the right way: 20, 30, 40, 50 years old.


There is no age limit to celebrate as well as to have fun, after all, it’s only once a year so you can let yourself be tempted by a ride or a transfer in the city of your choice on board a stretch limo.

Stretch limo

Stretch Limo Airport Transportation

From the airport, we offer a chauffeur-driven stretch limo service, ensuring a quality service for all your group transportation needs. We offer a professional airport transport service to and from the airports in Thailand. Enjoy the latest top-of-the-range vehicles in the Stretch Limo fleet and enjoy the serenity and relaxation of one of our chauffeur’s driven limousines.


We strive to offer you a top-notch service to bring the magic of luxury to your travels. VIP transport, airport transport, and for all the precious events of life such as weddings, birthdays, bachelor parties, evenings with friends and family, gastronomic a swell as tourist tours. We will drive you with prestige. Our Stretch Limos are all equipped with an exceptional acoustic system and are particularly comfortable. Add a star of happiness to your event with us.

Stretch limo

Stretch Limo for Your Bachelorette Party

You are planning your friend’s bachelor party?  The big day is coming soon, and you have the heavy responsibility to make this event an unforgettable one.


We provide you with a limo stretch equipped with a minibar, an exceptional sound system, and ultramodern light systems as well as other fun activities.


In short, everything you need to keep partying, we got you! Everything is in place to help make this crazy night magical and unforgettable for your friend. Do not worry, everything that happens in the limo stays in the stretch limo!

Stretch limo

The Only Stretch Limo Service in Bangkok

We offer you the opportunity to be picked up and dropped off in a luxurious limousine without charging you for the waiting time. We improvise a ride through the main roads of your city to enjoy the city view from a different angle.

In addition, your driver will call you 10 minutes before the start of your journey to let you know that he will be arriving and to give you his telephone number in order to contact him directly in case of any changes. Easy communication makes all the difference. On that day, you will spend the evening in safe care because your safety is our priority.  We will spoil you for sure.

Inside, you will find a built-in minibar with a flute of champagne, an ice cube tray as well as free refreshing soft drinks! So, do not doubt our stretch limo service. It is what you were missing to celebrate your birthday and immortalize this moment in your memory and that of your loved ones.

Stretch limo

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