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A catamaran is a cruising or speed boat with a double structure, a special feature that makes it quickly recognizable once you know its layout.



 People regularly ask if a catamaran is a boat, and because of its style, flexibility, speed capabilities, and comfort.


A catamaran deserves the approval of a boat. Because of these characteristics, catamarans are becoming an undeniably well-known decision among sports and cruising enthusiasts.


The innovative style of the catamaran is not new – it is a centuries-old pattern that has been modified and transformed into what it is


Catamaran rental anywhere in Thailand

Enjoy over 1600 kilometers of coastline lining the Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Thailand.



An impressive number of islands, countless white sandy shores, totally clear waters, and superb coral reefs, the karst sugar reveries of Phang Nga, the legend of Phi, Koh Chang National Park, and its 50 islands.



In the heat and humidity, luxury boat rentals in Thailand may be the best idea when you visit this beautiful country.


Welcome to the East Indies!

On the island of Phuket, Thailand’s largest, you’ll discover top-notch inns with connoisseur restaurants, lavish spas, elite courses, and extravagant stores.


In addition to that, the incredible friendliness of the Thai people, their excellent cuisine, and their immortal culture, and you’ll understand why countless travelers have never left!


Phuket is the base of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, 572 emerald-colored, gem-like islands, islets, and rocks that slip off the Indian coast in wonderful solitude. Pattaya, Phuket, Samui, and even on the Chaopraya waterway in Bangkok.


Bachelor party on a catamaran

Let us enjoy a wide variety of boats with many offices ready! You can for example enjoy our Banana boat, but also work on fishing and cook a BBQ with what you have. Dining area and sound system to party with your buddies, etc!


Help your companion take a journey into bachelorhood by hosting an exceptional gathering of unmarried men on a personal boat.

Sail with Thailand and find tranquil landscapes to make the most of your companions.


Enjoy the sunshine and make a custom day out of your group’s will and the man of the hour. Bring your drinks! Enjoy the daylight  and Get together


Private Catamaran for your meeting

While a significant portion of the travel industry left the business last year, that doesn’t mean all movement has stopped. For families or groups looking for a great escape on the water, a model has emerged: privatizing entire boats, along with the group, for a different kind of customized cruise.


Exploring places around the planet on a personal boat with your kids, and maybe another family or two is both a nice and pragmatic approach to travel these days. The ocean turns into your jungle and your leader will direct you to the islets and shores of the groups.

Ready, you can get to know each other in a comfortable and protected climate, and no one must cook. Welcome to the world of movies and table games!


Catamaran Party in Thailand

Treat yourself to the best personal boat party in Pattaya. Travel on a personal boat around Pattaya. Explore the Gulf of Thailand on a private boat loaded with lovely young Thai women.


Bluewater, gorgeous two-piece models, extravagant boat, unlimited booze, and your closest friends.


That sounds like enough to make you happy. Check out what we’ve prepared for you. Highlights include Loop from Pattaya or Bangkok, staffed boat, buffet, soft drinks and snacks, bikini models, DJ, photography.


Thai Boat party: Your boat event planner in Thailand

Let us know your preferred location, your kind of event, your preferred type of boat and your budget: Let us take your boat event to the next level!
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