Kayaking during your boat party


Elevate your sailing holidays with the Thai Boat Party – after spending time out on the open water in a private boat, hop onto a kayak or canoe for a completely new experience.


This is a remarkable experience, particularly if you’re going to the islands. By private boat, there are only so many places you can visit.


However, in a kayak or canoe, you can discover the stunning natural beauty of some of the more hidden and harder-to-reach areas near Phuket or Koh Samui.


This is the perfect activity for anyone who loves being outdoors and enjoys nature. Come and enjoy kayaking with us.


Sea kayaking

The practice of kayaking at sea requires real learning to navigate safely and enjoy this water sport.


The ideal is to get in touch with a school, a club, or a group to take advantage of a quality teaching and learning experience quality teaching and learning, which is what we can offer you.


But if you want to start without further delay on a “sit on top” kayak, then this little guide is made for you! It presents the basic rules to know to practice this activity in complete safety and with respect for other users.


Without forgetting the practical advice to ensure the preservation of the marine environment and the coastline that offer so many recreational and sporting opportunities.


Our professionals will be able to guide you by indicating the reflexes to have during an excursion and will allow you to spend a pleasant moment


River Kayaking

Experience the best sailing holidays – discover the beauty of Thailand on a kayak or canoe. If you’re a seasoned kayaker and sea kayaking or river kayaking is already one of your hobbies, you’ll love the chance to challenge yourself out on the open water.


There If you’re a beginner, we’ll provide you with an instructor and canoe paddles to help you get started. Don’t miss this chance for an incredible experience of the beauty of Thailand.


There is no doubt that everyone can find a paddle to suit his or her needs, as canoeing and kayaking activities are so varied.


An opportunity to reinforce team spirit and strengthen ties between colleagues, which will delight sportsmen and women… and will (perhaps) reconcile sedentary people with the practice of physical activity.


Kayaking team building

With more and more employees wanting to practice sports in the company, team building activities are multiplying. Strengthen team cohesion and get wet: why not canoeing?


Behind its playful aspect, canoeing is rich in lessons and allows the development of various skills, among which Project management: to move forward together towards a common goal, teams must be able to communicate to distribute roles, coordinate to move forward quickly and in the same direction, and show solidarity by supporting each other to complete the mission.


Leadership: as in any project, the team needs a leader to guide it. The leader sits at the back of the canoe to direct the boat and coordinate his teammates with precise instructions.


Surpassing oneself: those who have already practiced canoeing will recognize that this specialty requires a certain amount of effort, even more so when it is a race. In a situation where every muscle count, the employees go the extra mile to lead their team to victory: mental and self-control are their best assets.


Best Kayaking in Thailand

No matter what your skill level we guarantee you will love this incredible experience that will allow you to discover isles and all the beautiful plants and animals that live in the area!


This activity is also great for family sailing holidays, we guarantee your children will love the experience of paddling in their own private boat and exploring the islands as you float through the crystal-clear waters.


This activity is not only fun but ut educational – our English-speaking guides will also point out all the fascinating plant and animal life, so you can learn more about this beautiful country.


This is also a fantastic and unique activity for corporate team building and will allow your employees to bond in a fun environment, paddling in a kayak together.


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